Friday, November 9, 2007

Portman joins a private law firm

WASHINGTON - Rob Portman announced Thursday that he will fall in a private law practice, but he have left the door unfastened for another tally at public office.

Portman, 51, resigned as manager of the Office of Management and Budget in August and now will fall in the Cleveland-based law house of Squire, Sanders and Jack Dempsey to pattern international trade law.

The Patio Park occupant and former congresswoman will work from the firm's Cincinnati office. Before joining OMB, Portman served six footing from Ohio's 2nd District and briefly was the United States trade representative, a Cabinet position.

"I really wanted to travel somewhere where I could maintain my international contacts," Portman said Thursday. "To be able to make that from Cincinnati is something I couldn't have got done 20 old age ago."

Though Squire Sanders is headquartered in Cleveland, it runs 30 concern offices in 14 countries, representing Luck 500 companies such as as General Electric.

"Rob conveys to bear a sophisticated planetary position on public policy and trade issues that volition benefit our clients' business enterprises around the world. We are thrilled to have got him fall in us," said R. Seth Thomas Stanton, Squire Sanders chairman, in a statement.

Working with international trade law will let Portman to reserve some of the contacts he had, including functionaries in People'S Republic Of China and Brazil, while serving as the trade representative.

"I believe the chance to work with either the people I'm working with or their replacements is exciting," he said.

But Portman have not ruled out running for another business office - including Buckeye State governor or a Senate tally if Republican Sen. Saint George Voinovich retires.

He already started his ain political action committee, Ohio's Future, to fund political trips and raise money for Republican campaigners during the adjacent election. He registered with the Federal Soldier Elections Committee in late October, according to an FEC spokesman. Once he have got raised $1,000 in a calendar year, he will have to describe parts to the FEC.

"It will enable me to be more than active politically during the clip that I'm not in public office," he said.

Portman disbanded his former PAC, America's Majority Trust, when he became the trade representative.

Portman would not state if he have aspirations for a specific office, other than that he trusts "to be able to acquire back into public service at some point," he said. "I have got not been diffident about saying that."

Ohio's Future volition also give Portman a opportunity to prosecute in Buckeye State political relation again, after disbursement old age in Washington. He also have his eyes put on helping the adjacent Republican presidential campaigner win Buckeye State and also assisting other campaigners who share his positions on economical growing and trade.

He admitted that starting a political action committee could be viewed as the first measure toward mounting a campaign. And, if he makes make up one's mind to run, he said he would necessitate the organisation that a political action committee provides.

But he have other criteria: "No.1 status is that my household is supportive," he said, adding he left American Capital to pass clip with his wife, Jane, and three children. Likewise, a determination about running would depend on "timing and whether people are interested in the sort of message I have got and the sort of places I take," he said.

"It doesn't intend that I'm announcing anything in footing of 2010," he said. "Anything can happen."

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